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Best floor cleaning mop price in Bangladesh

The floor cleaner brush price in Bangladesh of a room neat and decorated bears the human interest. If the floor of the house is vibrant and tapered, it brings peace of mind. At the same time, health is good. But in the busyness of the day, many do not have the patience to keep the floor clean. 

As a result, after cleaning the dust, it becomes impossible to clean it once. Buy Cheap price floor mop in Bangladesh and Other home cleaning service in Dhaka Bangladesh Online at Nandtrading.

Here are some tips to keep the floor of the room sparkling.

Nowadays almost all tiles are planted in homes. Although the tiles look nice, cleaning is quite a hassle. Because of the black spots on the base of the tiles, dirt accumulates. Therefore, floor cleaner brush price in Bangladesh should be used to clean the floor. Particularly young children should use antibacterial mop floor cleaners at home. It will protect against many diseases. The floor of the room should always be kept dry. It will not only keep the floor clean but also protect you from the danger of accidents on the back of the foot. You can use a mop floor cleaner to wipe the house well or remove it immediately if you have a little water. If you have a drink in the room, you can clean the floor with a mop near your hand.

Some mop floor cleaners used in Bangladesh and low price floor cleaner machine price in Bangladesh

Magic mop

There are magic mops for easy floor mop price in Bangladesh. The special advantage of this is that – dirty water does not have to be swallowed by hand. Rotate the screws in the hand and drain the water automatically. Magic measurements are made of woolen cloth instead of yarn or plastic. And also relatively light in weight. As a result, there are many benefits to work. Its sales are also relatively high. We will find various sizes of Magic Mop for 350 to 500 Takas (BDT).

Cotton mop

Cotton yarn, a small piece of cotton yarn with steel handles, is also used to decorate the house. The special advantage of this mop is that it can be replaced if the yarn is damaged. We will get a cotton mop anywhere from 180 to 450 taka (BDT).

Feather brush

There are several types of brushes made from feathers for cleaning service company in Bangladesh, mirrors, or books. Very light in weight, also beautiful to look at. Here we will find brushes of various sizes made from bird feathers for between 350 and 450 takas (BDT).

Dry mop

They can be used as an alternative to brooms. Dry mops are usually used for cleaning service dry and dirt homes. There are two types of dry mop available in the market. The small ones will cost 350 takas (BDT) and the big ones will cost 400 takas (BDT).

Floor brush

Hard, glue stains on the floor? No worries there are floor brushes to clean up such adhesive spots. These brushes, with small handles, have solid plastic or gunner. The price will be 220 to 550 taka

Floor wiper price in Bangladesh

Use floor wipers to get more water on the floor. Its handle is fitted with foam-like material, which easily absorbs water. Later, when the handle is pressed down, the water drops and is again suitable for water absorption. The floor wiper price in Bangladesh will be 180 to 450 taka

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অর্ডার করতে বা বিস্তারিত জানতে যোগাযোগ করুন