A sprayer is an equipment that is used to spray liquids. Sprayers are generally used for the projection of water. 

Various Types Of Sprayers

When selecting a sprayer machine, a person should be careful about delivering pesticide in the proper ratio over the target area. 

Hydraulic Sprayers 

A pesticide is mixed with water in a proper ratio. The mixture flows within the spraying system under pressure. The mixture is released via one or more nozzles onto the area.  

Low-pressure Sprayers

Low-pressure sprayers can’t provide enough volume. It lacks to penetrate dense foliage. These play an important role in distributing dilute pesticides over large size of areas.

High-pressure Sprayers

A high-pressure sprayer provides huge volumes at high levels of pressure. These are the same as low-pressure sprayers. But these deliver up to 50 gallons of spray per minute at pressures up to 800 psi. A high-pressure sprayer gives coverage.

Parts Of A Sprayer Machine 

To operate a sprayer in an appropriate way, you have to know about its parts. The main parts of a sprayer are tank, pump, agitator, flow control, and nozzles.


Parts of the spray tank are stainless steel, polyethylene plastic, and fiberglass. Spray tanks which are made of aluminum galvanized and stainless steel are generally corroded by a few pesticides and liquid fertilizers. Tank capacity must be proper so that people can add the right amount of water.


Agitation is needed to combine the components of the spray mixture. This is needed to keep the pesticide in suspension. 

The flow required for agitation depends on the chemical used. For jet agitators, a flow of 6 gallons for every 100 gallons of tank capacity is appropriate. 


The pump has to provide the needed flow to all nozzles at the required pressure. It is needed to ensure uniform distribution. Pump flow capacity has to be 20% greater than the largest flow required by the nozzles. 

While selecting a pump, it is important to observe the resistance to corrosive damage from pesticides. Also, ease of priming and power source availability is important to observe. The materials used in the pump housing and seals should be resistant to chemicals. These should be resistant to organic solvents too. 

Pesticide sprayers mainly use a roller, piston, and centrifugal pumps. All have unique traits that present it as well adapted for particular situations. 


3 forms of strainers generally used on sprayers are:

  1. Tank filler strainers, 
  2. Line strainers, and 
  3. Nozzle strainers. 

Strainers have to be checked regularly for clogs and rinsed.

Sprayer Machine Price In Bd 

The sprayer of 16 Litres capacity is priced between 1200-2000 BDT

The price range of Paint Zoom Electric Spray of 800 ml is 3000 BDT to 5000 BDT 

 The price range of good prayers can fluctuate based on the type, features, traits, and characteristics. Sprayer machines can be of different capacities. The price depends on the capacity. 


Sprayer machines are important equipment. Sprayers are also used as weed killers, spraying pest maintenance chemicals, manufacturing, and production line ingredients.