The price of vacuum cleaners in Bangladesh varies depending upon the brands. Domestic brands such as Walton vacuum clear can cost up to 5000 takes whereas well known multinational brands like Samsung, Philip may cost twice or thrice.

Vacuum cleaners are not widely used in Bangladesh. But slowly people recognize the advantages of vacuum cleaner.

By definition, Vacuum cleaner is an electrical appliance that is used for cleaning, getting rid of dust and dirt from floors. The vacuum draws dust and other particles into a container by electrically driven suction.

Apparently, Vacuum cleaners seem outright disturbing because of the noise but it is almost impossible to clean the household completely without them. And that brings us to

Why do we use a Vacuum cleaner?

Most of the households use carpets to enhance comfort and beauty. If you have or ever had used carpet, you might know how challenging it can be to eliminate the filths and other substances. Carpets are more prone to gathering pet hair, dust, food particles, and many other unwanted substances. Over time the dirt accumulates thus it can significantly affect the carpet. Because broom can not function much on carpets and rugs,

Vacuum cleaners are much more needed due to their efficiency. Vacuum cleaner machines are much more productive than manual cleaning because machines can do the chore meticulously. 

Pollution and dust are a common phenomenon in Bangladesh. Looking at the condition of Dhaka city and the affordable price of vacuum cleaners vacuum cleaning is a smart, efficient choice

Best Vacuums are prerequisites for cleaning the carpets. However even if you have bare floors, canister vacuums can speed up your cleaning process.

Benefits of Using a vacuum cleaner 

Carpets accumulate dust, food particles, pet hair, and other substances. They easily get dirty. Don’t ignore the dirt. Over time it can cause serious health problems. The accumulated dirt also reduces the lifespan of your carpet. Prevent it all with regular cleaning of the rugs and carpet vacuum cleaners come with filters which help prevent air polluted. 

A vacuum cleaner cleans the air. The filtration ends up separating airborne allergies and cleans the indoor air. Needless to say, Dhaka stands second in air pollution. A filtered vacuum cleaner can protect you and your loved ones from the filthy air inside the home.

Plus the performance is worth the price of a vacuum cleaner. In the end, it pays off.

Cleaning crevices and corners– When you operate the machine to clean, it does the job effortlessly clearing every nook and cranny. Thus your corners to remain clean 

Saves Time and Energy – Cleaning is a long process, Sweeping, mopping can take hours, especially if you have a big house. Use a vacuum cleaner and see the difference. The vacuum cleaner does the job of cleaning thoroughly within a short time. They are easy to operate and need very little effort. It saves your time and energy you can use somewhere instead.

Prolong your carpet’s life – Dirt particles get clogged in carpet fibers and cause nasty bacteria. regular cleaning will eliminate the filths  and keep the carpet new

Maintains better health – dirty carpets can get hazardous as they are conducive to fungi, bacteria  If you have a toddler at home, vacuuming should be done on a regular basis. Microorganisms grow quickly on dirty surfaces. When a carpet is not cleaned regularly, the dust gets clogged within the fibers of the carpet. They can seriously damage the lunges if inhaled in large quantities people with asthma and allergies can get a serious reaction when the harmful substances come in contact

There are cleaners with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA )filters HEPA filters eliminates airborne allergens indoor that create an allergic reaction.

Prevents Odour – Dirty carpets lead to odors. The accumulated dirt and food particles generate bacteria over time. You might experience an unpleasant odor from the carpet. It is better to avoid it by regular vacuuming.

Minimal human involvement – Bonus points for lazy people.  Think of the labor you had to go through if there was no vacuum cleaning. The wonderful machine does it all by itself with a little humanitarian aid, of course. Your hands don’t even come to contact with any dirt.

Choosing the right Vacuum cleaners price in Bangladesh

Vacuum cleaners are not cheap. You need to consider your needs, lifestyle while choosing the perfect one. There are many types of vacuum cleaners in the market. Choosing a good vacuum cleaner is a good way to invest money. Before buying check if the machine accommodates your specific needs such as 

  • Your floor situation
  • Ido you have pets
  • Are you sensitive to noise
  • Mind the carpet fibers
  • Are you allergic to dust


 List of  vacuum cleaner price in Bangladesh 2022

Best Vacuum Cleaner List 2020 Price in Bangladesh
AS-102C Dry Vacuum Cleaner    Call Us: 01732330382
CB-15B Vacuum Cleaner    Call Us: 01732330383
CB-30 Vacuum cleaner    Call Us: 01732330384
HT-15 Vacuum Cleaner    Call Us: 01732330385

AS-102C  Dry Vacuum  Cleaner 

Why you should buy this

 AS-102C dry vacuum cleaner is a lightweight, easily movable, and quiet space-effective. its Strong suction system makes it ideal for a long period of cleaning. It has a large dust collecting bag. Since it has an improved sound insulation design, It is the perfect solution for someone who is noise sensitive. Just look at the handsome machine who is going to make your life less hectic and more comfortable.

Technical specification:
  • Dry Vacuum Cleaner Machine
  • best-vacuum-cleaner-price-in-BangladeshOrigin: China
  • Capacity:10Ltr
  • Voltage: 220V/240V
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Power:1000W
  • Single Motor
  • Tank Diameter:345MM
  • Mode of cooling: Circulating
  • Vacuum Suction: 210bar
  • Power Line Length:7M
  • Hose Diameter:36MM

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CB-15B  Vacuum Cleaner

Why you should buy this

Like the AS 102C Thi model too has a strong suction system and a powerful lower-noise motor. Some of its additional features include bump and erosion resistance. 

A whole set of accessories are attached to the product.

Technical specification:
  • Packing: 410 x 410 x 595mm
  • Function: Wet & Dry
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Power: 1000wvacuum cleaner price in bangladesh
  • Voltage: 220v-240v
  • Height: 55cm
  • Tank Diameter: 345mm
  • Mode of Cooling: Circulating  Air Cooling
  • Air Flow Rate: 48L/s
  • Vacuum Suction: 250mbar
  • Power Line Length: 7m
  • Hose Diameter: 36mm

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CB-30  Vacuum cleaner

Why you should buy this

 Cb30 vacuum cleaner products have become widely popular in Southeast Asia, South America, and North America because of its durability. It is made up of a stainless tank and a large wheel plate. Moreover, it has a strong suction system and the noise control motor would not disturb your sleep. Consumers like this model specifically for its stability.

Technical specification:
  • Packing Size: 440×440 x 760mm
  • Origin: China
  • Function:Wet&Dry
  • Capacity:30Ltrvacuum cleaner in bangladesh
  • Power:1000W b
  • Voltage: 220V-240V
  • Height:76cm
  • Single Motor
  • Tank Diameter:345
  • Mode of cooling: Circulating Air Cooling
  • Air Flow Rate:53L/S
  • Vacuum Suction:230mbar
  • Length of the Cable: 7M
  • Hose Diameter:40mm

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HT-15 Vacuum  Cleaner

Why you should buy this

This model along with a stainless tank has similar features to   CB-15B.

Durable,lower-noise motor, strong suction, large wheel plate and stable.

Technical specification:
  • Packing Size:415 x 415 x 525mm
  • Origin: China
  • Function:Wet&Dryvacuum cleaner price in bangladesh
  • Capacity:15Ltr
  • Power:1000W
  • Voltage: 220V-240V
  • Single Motor
  • Mode of cooling: Circulating Air Cooling
  • Air Flow Rate:48L/S
  • Vacuum Suction:210mbar
  • Length of the Cable: 7M
  • Hose Diameter:36mm

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N & N is a customer-oriented industrial cleaning supplier in Bangladesh. They are excellent at guiding and answering inquiries anything about cleaning machines. 

Vacuum cleaners Repair Services

Like any other machine, Vacuum cleaners need regular maintenance. 

It is unlikely but if the machines malfunction, we promise to repair or replace the machines within the warranty date. We promise to fulfill the after-sales services without any extra charge.

Why Choose us

People mostly in Bangladesh employ maids for cleaning and maintaining homes. What you need to keep in mind that employing a maid is no easy option.  The maid would not care for your home as much as you do.

Vacuum Cleaners prices in Bangladesh can be pretty costly. But there are options available. You can choose one in thousands. Sometimes the price of vacuum cleaners may drop on festive season or sales. Be more considerate and work smartly. A vacuum cleaner would not ask you to raise salary after 3 months. Most importantly it is your home. Enjoy the process of keeping it hygiene and neat.

Buy your most suitable vacuum cleaning machine best price from N & N Trading.